Interpretation Service
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WEDO Translation is a specialized translation/interpretation company established in 1997.

WEDO is making special effort to provide the VIP clients with all-round value-added services.

What procedures are needed when an interpretation job is commissioned? The following contents are the details about the commission process:

You can make contact with us by telephone, fax or e-mail as shown below for inquiry /consultation.

Confirming Job Details
WEDO project manager will confirm details of the job such as the following items:
①Languages (e.g. English and Chinese)
②Duration (e.g. three consecutive daysfrom March 15th to 17th, about an hour on next Tuesday’s morning)
③Location (e.g. In Shanghai, Beijing Suburb Economic Development Zone)
④Fields (e.g. Machinery, Finance, Corporate social responsibility)
⑤Nature of the activity (e.g. Interview survey, International seminar)
⑥Patterns of interpretation (e.g. Escort interpretation, Business conference reception interpretation,
   simultaneous interpretation)
⑦Objective of the activity (e.g. Internal communication, price negotiation, etc.)
⑧Preferences about interpreters (e.g. number, age, gender, experience, etc.)
⑨Prior preparations (e.g. providing relevant materials beforehand, 30 minutes’ explanation before
   the morning meeting)
⑩Information about traffic and accommodation
WEDO project manager will provide you with detailed quotations according to above items.
Official Order:
When officially commissioning, please give us a clear notice by e-mail, or fax.
Assigning Interpreters
According to the requirement of the project, WEDO project manager will select appropriate interpreters and provide clients with the interpreters’ resume.

Preparation of relevant materials & Prior meeting
Please prepare relevant materials beforehand to enable our interpreters to provide the best
interpretation service.
To ensure smooth operations, WEDO project manager or interpreters may confirm the business
contents face-to-face with the customers.

Progress Management
WEDO’s full-time project manager will specify project details, confirm the interpreter’s schedule,
and go to the site and help the customer when necessary for follow-up management.

After WEDO issues a notice of payment, the customer is expected to make a payment for the interpretation
service in cash or by bank transfer.