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WEDO Translation is a specialized translation/interpretation company established in 1997.

WEDO is making special effort to provide the VIP clients with all-round value-added services.

WEDO owns a large number of outstanding Chinese and foreign professional translators and interpreters
in various fields of Chinese, English and Japanese languages. With strict project management system,
it provides high-quality, rapid and cost-effective translation and interpretation services to meet customers’ various needs.
Environmental protection, law, machinery, automobile, petrochemical, economics/trade, metallurgical, water conservancy, forestry and so on.
languages: Japanese, English ,Chinese
provide us the original manuscript and we will quote as soon as possible, considering
the following factors:
·language, content ,volume ,format( form and etc ) ,deadline
How to order
Please contact us through mail,telephone,or fax,and tell us the deadline and document-returning mode.
We will provide detailed quotation list,and commence translation as soon as the quotation is confirmed.
Major clients
· governmental departments
· foreign enterprises and manufacturers
· domestic manufacturers
· banks, consulting companies, and exposition companies
Payment mode
After we send you the translation, we will send you payment bill.
Usually, payment shall be made within 14 days through postal remittance, check,
or cash.