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WEDO Translation is a specialized translation/interpretation company established in 1997.

WEDO is making special effort to provide the VIP clients with all-round value-added services.

Even though translation is done by experienced specialists, errors may occur. This is why our
company adopts a strict quality control process.

On the basis of complete comprehension of customers’ intent and the use of manuscripts (who will be the
readers), and through a rigorous professional translation and proofreading procedure, we ensure high-quality
translation service. WEDO’s style of translation is to seek "accuracy, conciseness and fluency."
Punctuality is part of common sense of commerce. In the market with present dramatic changes, speed is
usually the key for us to win. Even for substantial amount of consigned task, WEDO, with a stable team
of excellent translators, can guarantee rapid and timely translation service with high quality.
To strictly protect customers’ business secret, WEDO has signed Confidentiality Agreement with
all full-time translators, proofreaders and part-time signing translators, used passwords on
important documents, and set different levels of access authority to the server. Meanwhile,
it continuously strengthens relevant education to heighten staff’s consciousness of confidentiality.
Delivery of translations
To meet diverse needs of customers, WEDO can deliver translations in many formats such as MS Word,
MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, HTML, PDF, etc. by means of E-Mail, CD, FTP, presswork and other carriers.
WEDO commits itself to undertaking all commissions at a reasonable and fair price. For long-term
customers or large-volume tasks, WEDO will continuously improve its operational efficiency and
actively cooperate with customers to control costs.
After-sale Service
WEDO actively listens to the feedback from customers on its translation services and continuously improves
its translation quality. If quality problems resulting from our faultare found in the translations, we guarantee
timely modification of them free of charge. For long-term customers, we will establish a stable team
of translators and proofreaders and strengthen the study and accumulation of relevant professional
knowledge so as to ensure a timely response to their various needs.
Terminology Management
The consistency of terminology is the key element to ensure the quality of translation.

If necessary, WEDO is ready to assist its customers to prepare and create glossaries for strict
proofreading so as to guarantee the consistency of terminology.