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WEDO Translation is a specialized translation/interpretation company established in 1997.

WEDO is making special effort to provide the VIP clients with all-round value-added services.

What procedures are needed when a translation is commissioned? The following contents are the details about the commission process:

You can make contact with us by telephone, fax or e-mail as shown below for inquiry /consultation.

Confirming Job Details
WEDO project manager will confirm details of the job such as the following items:
①Languages (e.g. English to Chinese or Chinese to English))
②Fields (e.g. contracts, brochures, technical manuals, etc.)
③Quantity (e.g. A4 papers, 10 pages, about 8,000 words, etc.)
④Deadline for delivery (Urgency) (e.g. before the noon of next Tuesday, before October 20th, etc.)
⑤Purpose/use of translation (e.g. internal use, speech manuscripts (colloquial style), presswork, etc.)
⑥Glossary/reference availability
WEDO project manager will provide you with detailed quotations that very day
(or the next day when the order is large).

Official Order:
When officially commissioning, please give us a clear notice by e-mail or fax.

Assigning Translators
According to target language and field as well as delivery deadline, WEDO project manager
will select the most suitable full-time translators or contracted translators for the translation.
Progress Management
WEDO’s full-time project manager will, according to the prior plan, manage the progress of translation
and proofreading as well as delivery date. If necessary, the project manager will provide translators with
such support as preparing a glossary and answering their queries , etc.
WEDO’s full-time proofreader will carefully check the words, style, figures, letters, format and
other details of the translation to minimize mistranslation and translation negligence, and ensure
the concise and fluent translation.
WEDO’s project manager will deliver the finished translation in the required form.
After WEDO issues a payment bill, the customer is expected to make a payment for the
translation in cash or by bank transfer.
Tips in consigning for translation efficiency

Purpose of use
The highlights of translation vary with the differences in how the translated material will be used. Take technical manuals and publicity brochures for example, the former focuses on accuracy while the latter on fluency. Therefore, translation must be treated respectively according to different functions. In addition, once translation style and tone, etc. are chosen, it would usually take a lot of time to amend it. So please tell us in advance your demands for translation, target readers and other information relating to translation uses so as to help improve the efficiency and quality of translation.

Urgent projects and common projects for translation differ from each other in workflow. Urgency is an important factor for arrangement of business plan, so it must be explicitly informed beforehand.

The manuscript usually involves customer-specific internal phraseologies, industrial terms and special nouns, etc. If they are provided in advance, the translation quality will be greatly improved. Particularly for important manuscripts, it is often necessary to provide or create a glossary to guarantee the quality of translations. Moreover, if previous translation of reports, manuals, website and other relevant materials are available and submitted as reference information to our company, it may help improve the quality of the translation and shorten the duration of the translation.